Our Vision: "Our AI-powered software applications will turn your data into meaningful forecasts helping you make the best informed business decisions"

The picture (below) shows how our software application managed to successfully and accurately predict 3-days ahead of FTSE100 stock market value:

How can you simply run your own forecasts using our AI-powered software applications?

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Watch the following video to see how Mathficast software applications have managed to successfully predict next stock market moves including FTSE 100, Dow Jones and NASDAQ, commodity market moves including gold and crude oil prices, FX market moves including US Dollar to British Pound exchange rates and much more:



The world's simplest predictive analytic software platforms


Perform the most challenging predictions through our ultimate Machine Learning technologies


Reliable forecasts while extending your forecasting horizons


Perform infinite number of fully automated predictions by calling our ultimate software time machine, Mathficast 5.0 Zoom from your code or by running batch files

Visual: Simple user friendly built-in user interface

Visual clarity into your predictions through software platforms Mathficast 4.0 Suggest and Analytic


Sanity check your existing Big Data forecasting technology to improve certainty of your forecasts